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EMILE is a Culture 2000-project which focuses on emigrant letters, written to people left behind in the old countries. These letters are a vital part of Europe´s common history and can shed light on an era of great impact on both Europe and America.

EMILE - early EMIgrant Letter stories - is a project lasting from September 2004 to september 2005. There are five participating countries: the Chech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Sweden with Sweden as the lead partner.

The participants have together produced:
-a website
-five touring exhibitions
-a catalogue
Meetings and other contacts during the year of the project have shown both similarities and differences between the countries. Perhaps this work can also be of help for better understanding of today´s immigration.


In July 2005 the exhibitions opened in five places in Europe.

The 21:st of July was the date for the opening ceremony in in the participating countries.

The exhibitions opened simultaneously in Kisa, Sweden, in Trento, Italy, in Warsaw, Poland and in Trebon, the Czech Republic. In Castlebar, Ireland the exhibition opened a little bit later.


In Poland the exhibition opened in the State Archive of the Capital City of Warsaw. The Polish made a supplementary exhibition of their own material. Second place for the touring exhibition was Royal Lazienski Museum in Warsaw.



Sweden had their opening ceremony in the public library in Kisa. In the end of August the exhibition was transported and opened in the Regional Museum of Östergötland in Linköping. The 2:nd of September there was an opening ceremony for the website.


The Irish opening ceremony was held in the library in Castlebar, Mayo.

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